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I love your blog! Are these made from the back of stretched canvases? So pretty! I want to see more of them! karen...

Brenda Wright

As usual you have out did yourself... I got your message and we will be there tomorrow with bells on...we will probably bring a few pics and fill in later...I still need pics in my Christmas Book!!!! Imagine that...B


Class? Open House? I want to know also!!!

lorie summers

jackie--these little creations of whimsy are just jewels. love them all, especially the birthday girl!! can't wait to see more. are you having open house this year? if so do you have a date yet? the little tins from yesterday are fascinating and I haven't seen anything like them. YOU have to do a Book of all your little gems!!!


Oh Jackie... you NEVER cease to amaze me!!!


Just beautiful! Wonderful ideas!

Katsui Jewelry

Just LOOOOVE those, Jackie!


Shelley Overholt

Of course you did!! They are so pretty!!!

Robin Thomas

Jackie, are those small images under glass? So sweet.


What a good way to start my day!


O wow ! what a lovely blog ! Your creations are so wonderful, magical, i wish i would live close by and oin in the fun ! The spool dolls ( former post ) are gorgeous ! Can't wait to seethe christmas ones ! Youseem to be such a happy bunch ! I am envious !

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